Another uh-oh moment for Blizzard – Warcraft III: Reforged disconnects cause pro-player thousands of dollars

It looks like Blizzard aren’t just having trouble with their fans but also the competitive community, with disconnects plaguing the DreamHack Anaheim event and arguably causing a pro-player their chance at winning a prize pot.

Marcus Eklöf, also known as “ThorZaIN” faced off against a professional player pegged to win the tournament known as Moon in a best of three at Warcraft III: Reforged, and was on track to beat him before a disconnect caused him to be launched out of the game.

Warcraft III: Reforged/ Activision Blizzard

To add insult to injury, the game was reverted back to the classic mode due to better stability, but ThorZaIN then lost to Moon, causing him to lose out on a career win and a potential prize of anywhere between $2000 and $7500.

It’s pretty awful to see that Blizzard are continuing to damage their own image as time goes on, with an article by Thomas Bardwell for CCN not only covering the story itself, but also the comments of another competitor, Matt “IncInerator” Schlenker.

Speaking on the issue, Schlenker said that disconnects and drops were happening throughout “the entire tournament” and that Blizzard staff “knew about it” but didn’t help or “acknowledge its existence”.

Whilst it’s a shame to see Blizzard continuing to destroy their own brand, are we really surprised at this point?

Personally, I think the company that many knew and loved seems to have vanished and that they’ll need to work hard to gain the respect of the gaming community that they once had.

What do you think about the company?

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