Temtem shows Pokemon how its done – sells 500,000 copies worldwide

With Pokemon Sword and Shield criticised for their lack of multiple Pokemon, dodgy pricing practices and graphical choices, the gaming industry looks ripe for a competitor to swoop in and show the developer, Game Freak, the way things should be done.

Enter Temtem, the interesting Kickstarter project that aimed to provide a superior experience whilst also being massively multiplayer.

It’s an interesting title, not only showing that Kickstarter can really help to support developers in creating unique and ambitious projects, but also because it shows exactly what fans were hoping for with the Pokemon series.

If you’re keen to see proof that the title lives up to its expectations, it looks like the recent sales figures are a good place to start, with the official Twitter page for the game stating that they have managed to sell “500,000 copies worldwide” with “more yet to come” in the near future.

Whilst many will be hesitant to abandon the popular Pokemon franchise, it does really help to light a fire under Nintendo and Game Freak, showing them that they really need to step up to the plate to compete with the indie developers over at Crema.

Are you a fan of Temtem?

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