Super Smash Brothers Ultimate nearly finished – Only 6 more fighters planned?

Could the next six fighters for Smash Brothers Ultimate be the final dlc for the game?

Apparently it could be, with information gained from Famitus by Twitter user PushDustIn suggesting that no plans are in the pipeline for any new characters after the upcoming six.

Speaking on the situation via a series of tweets, PushDustIn suggested that “Smash is almost finished” and that Sakurai “can’t work on anything else” whilst tied to Smash Ultimate.

He also went on to say that Sakurai apparently intends to give this final six characters “his all” but that Nintendo essentially decide who we get to see added to the game.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate/ Nintendo

It comes as a bit of a blow to many fans who were eager to see Ultimate continue to grow into something huge over the next few years and feel jaded by the sheer number of characters from the Fire Emblem series, but we’ll have to see who’s on the way in this new season.

How do you feel about Smash Brothers Ultimate coming to an end?

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