Games are helping combat loneliness in China

With the recent news of the coronavirius in China, it’s easy to understand why people are anxious about leaving their houses during the extended holiday for the Lunar New Year.

Reported on by Shannon Liao for CNN Business here, it looks like the epidemic has seen people in China feeling lonely and isolated during the extended break, unable to interact with others due to fears of the virus.

League of Legends/ Riot Games

It’s not all doom and gloom though, with many turning to video games to keep them not only entertained but also to keep them in touch with other people struggling with the isolation and loneliness.

Speaking in the article, Clement Wen, a mechanic in the city of Foshan, said that he thought gaming was “a good distraction” and helped to “maintain one’s mental heath” providing a distraction from the misery and fear of the coronavirus by providing people with “a better way of staying in touch” during the period when many are unable to leave their homes.

It’s always great to see gaming utilised to bring people closer together and with so many isolated and unable to leave their homes, it shows the vital nature of games in the modern world as a form of escape and a means of social interaction.

Do you think gaming is good for your mental health?

How have games helped you to meet people and interact with others?

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