Could a new Marvel VS Capcom be on the way – Tweet from voice actor suggests it could be

It looks like we might be seeing a new Marvel VS Capcom in the near future, with Brian Hanford, the voice actor behind Devil May Cry’s V, suggesting that characters in a new Capcom VS could be “VERY familiar”.

Seen in the tweet above, Hanford seems to suggest that he knows something we don’t about a new game in the Capcom fighter series, one which fans have been eager to see since the last title back in 2017.

That being said, many were dissatisfied with Marvel VS Capcom Infinite and instead wished for a title similar to the previous offering of Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

The idea of a new title would also not be something unrealistic after the announcement from Disney that they were eager to see more games utilising their franchises.

Marvel VS Capcom 3/ Capcom/ Marvel/ Disney

Hopefully we’ll see an announcement soon, but I’m looking forward to seeing what might be ahead for the fighting franchise.

Are you excited for a new Marvel VS Capcom?

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