Wolcen servers still down after over 24 hours

If you’ve not heard of Wolcen: Lord of Mayhem by WOLCEN Studio, it’s a pretty great Diablo-like title that allows players to customise their character before heading off to fight the forces of evil, but if you have, you might be a bit frustrated by the fact that the servers have now been down for over 20 hours.

A tweet from the studio addresses the server issues here

Having released on the 13th, Wolcen has been plagued by server issues and drops since day one, including a pretty awkward and hilarious moment where streamer Zizaran was reset to level 1 after playing for several hours with the developers on Twitch.

(If you want to see that moment, which is pretty cringeworthy, but also hilarious thanks to a swearing developer, head to 06:16:12 to see the second it happens).

It’s understandable that the title is having issues due to the sheer number of players now logging onto the indie title created by such a small studio, but reviews have not been kind, with the current rating on Steam now at mixed and dropping whilst users are still plagued with freezing, crashing and other bugs.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem/ WOLCEN Studio

Personally, I just hope that the studio can overcome the challenge to let more people explore and enjoy the fantastic game hiding beneath the current technical issues.

Have you played Wolcen yet?

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