New Rainbow Six: Siege operators look set to shake up gameplay

It looks like the two new operators joining Rainbow Six: Siege for the next operation, Void Edge, will really mix up the speed and state of play we’re used to, with one utilising the ability to charge through walls.

Rainbow Six Siege: Void Edge/ Ubisoft

The first operator, an attacker known as Iana seems to be pretty interesting, utilising a hologram that can confuse and deceive defenders by moving like a real player looks set to really help put the pressure on defenders, but it’s the new defensive player, Oryx, that really seems to mix things up.

Having the ability to charge through walls and barrel into players in order to send them flying onto the floor, Oryx seems like a pretty interesting choice that will see defenders gain the ability to really surprise and unnerve attacking players, but when you couple this with the ability to jump and climb through open hatches, things really get pretty interesting!

Which one are you going to try out first?

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