Who’s up for a retro games day – 36,000 flash games now available to play again and keep forever

I think it’s safe to say we all remember sneaking onto Miniclips or Kongregate when we were in school to play a few flash games, but with Adobe now moving away from flash, that part of our colourful history could be lost forever.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5/ Kupo Games

But worry no more, because Flashpoint has come to save the day, taking over 36,000 titles and turning them into downloads, meaning you can hang on to that copy of ROFLCOPTER for years to come.

Reported on here by Zack Zwiezen for Kotaku, the site is apparently eager to get as many titles as possible turned into downloadable games, but is happy to pull a game if requested to by the creator.

It’s a great website and I think it’s safe to say that BlueMaxima is the real hero here, preserving some really (and some not so) fantastic titles for generations to come!

So…when are you introduce your child to Heli Attack?

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