First look at Robert Pattinson’s Batman

We’ve all been a bit skeptical for a while about Robert Pattinson taking up the cowl and becoming the next Batman, but the latest teaser trailer is a pretty reassuring sight for fans.

Showing only a glimpse of the new suit and actor, the teaser seems to be what we all need to see to feel more relaxed and confident in the casting decision, with the combination of both looking to suit the brooding personality that’s intrinsic to Batman as a character.

The Batman first look trailer

It’s only a short glimpse, but what do you think about the decision now that we’ve had our first look at the next caped crusader?

Personally, whilst I feel that Pattinson has the potential to do a great job, I feel fatigued by sheer number of actors that have now passed through the role and feel like it’ll take time for me to feel ready to trust that DC won’t simply abandon the actor like they have so many before.

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