E3 continues to lose support – Geoff Keighley skipping E3 2020

It looks like E3 is continuing to lose support, with Geoff Keighley, the creator of The Game Awards and popular long-time presenter and journalist choosing to skip the event and “decline to produce E3 Coliseum”.

Having always been thought of as THE games event of the year, E3 has often been an important time for developers and producers, with many announcing new games and consoles through the popular event, however, with social media continuing to evolve and gain traction, many companies have started to move away from the event, such as Sony and Electronic Arts.

Sony has moved away from the event since 2019 and will not be at the 2020 show either

With companies like Nintendo and the aforementioned EA and Sony choosing to make announcements and reveals via their own events such as State of Play and Nintendo Direct, E3 has lost a fair amount of traction over the last few years.

Geoff Keighley has covered the event for years but now, with the creator of The Game Awards now eager to grow his own event, E3 has been dealt another blow, with Keighley choosing to not attend or cover the conference.

Announced via a tweet here, Keighley said that he’d come to the “difficult decision to decline” after having thought long and hard about the fans and the best ways to be “open and honest” with the gaming community.

It’s clear to see that Keighley is probably eager to see companies move across to his own event in future, with Microsoft already announcing their new console via the event last year.

With E3 causing controversy in recent years with a number of bungles, including the leaking of journalist data in 2019, it looks like the event may need to work hard to gain the credibility and respect that it once commanded.

What do you think about the decision?

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