Disney wants more games – Gives developers more freedom with franchises

Disney seems to have finally realised the potential behind video games, with Sean Shoptaw, the Senior Vice-President of Global Games and Interactive Experiences urging developers to “do really unique things” with Disney products.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order/ Respawn Entertainment/ EA Games/ Disney

Speaking in the recent DICE Summit and quoted in a brilliant article by Patrick Shanley for the Hollywood Reporter, Shoptaw was eager to encourage developers and companies to look at the series owned by Disney and to create unique and interesting games around existing franchises.

Having already worked with several companies in the past, such as EA Games and Square Enix, Disney has already dipped their toes into the games industry but has also often seemed reserved in their own involvement and endorsement, choosing to stay at a distance and watch nervously from afar in the past.

Now it looks like the company is eager to see more titles and series adapted into games, something that many have hoped would happen.

So, with this in mind, what games do we want to see in future from the Disney catalogue?

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