More Atlus games heading to Switch – Persona and other series likely

It looks like we’re going to see more Altus games on the Switch in future, with the company apparently overwhelmed by the feedback from a recent survey on whether they should port more titles onto the console.

Having recently sent out a survey to fans asking about whether they would like to see more titles on the portable console from Nintendo, Atlus was clearly checking the market to see if the demand was really there to justify the costs of moving titles onto the Switch.

Well, it looks like they have their answer, with the company announcing via a tweet that the responses “far exceed expectations” from a “record-high number of participants”.

Having had a hand in creating multiple fan-favourites such the Persona series and even having published titles like Demon Souls in the past, it would be great to see more of their titles hitting the portable console.

Why not check out the list of games they’ve been associated with here and see what you’d like to see ported to the Switch.

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