So…Anthem is still a thing – Let’s celebrate Anthem anniversary with old content?

So Anthem is still a thing, with BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson suggesting in a recent post that they are eager to work towards “the future of Anthem” by moving away from “full seasons” and using “past seasonal and cataclysm content” to keep the title alive?

Anthem/ BioWare/ Electronic Arts

It’s a strange update to see on a game that many have given up on, but the reason for the post might be because of the amount of backlash and derision the title has received recently when it was discovered that the game still had it’s Christmas event decorations up despite the fact that we’re now in February.

Launching to a negative reception for a number of reasons, Anthem has been less than a successful title in its lifetime, instead now remaining as a kind of husk, devoid of many players or fans.

Despite this, it looks like BioWare and EA are still eager to continue to stick with the title, apparently thinking hard about the “best possible future” for the game.

It’s surprising to see that we’re even getting updates about the title, but at this point, can Anthem really come back from the brink to become a successful game?

Personally, I think it’s probably time for the company to admit defeat and focus more on other titles, such as Dragon Age 4, rather than continuing to flog a dead horse.

What do you think about the update?

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