Nintendo focusing on software to grow brand

It looks like Nintendo seems to understand what fans want from their consoles and platforms, with Shigeru Miyamoto, the Representative Director of the company suggesting that they are far more interested in “freely creating completely new kinds of play”.

Speaking in a recent Q&A for a financial briefing, Miyamoto (alongside Shuntaro Furukawa, Ko Shiota and others) were eager to speak about the new possibilities offered to the company by the Switch, but also about the way the company is able avoid the “conventional framework of game creation” faced by others within the game industry.

Miyamoto also spoke about the fact that the conversation around the “race to produce the video game hardware” is less of an issue between Nintendo and other companies, with Nintendo instead focusing far more on making unique and interesting games with their IPs, rather than simply chasing other companies in regard to new and elaborate hardware.

It’s great to see that Nintendo are really focusing on creating games and titles they think their fans will love, so let’s hope we’ll see some exciting new games in the future to really take advantage of the Switch.

Personally, I’ve had a blast with the console and couldn’t be happier with the library of titles available, so let’s see what’s next on the agenda for the company!

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