Fallout 76 will hit Steam when Wastelanders update is live

“The wait is almost over” announces the official post from Bethesda.net, as it goes on to announce the release of not only the new Wastelanders update (which sees NPCs join the game) but also the fact that the Fallout 76 will be added to the Steam store, after having been exclusive to the Bethesda game launcher since its release.

Fallout 76/ Bethesda Game Studios

Hitting the store on the 7th of April, this means that even more people have the opportunity to be ripped o-

Uh…I mean…

Have the opportunity to purchase the title and get into the wasteland of Applachia.

Supposedly adding a wide range of new quests and content, the Wastelanders update will also address the complaints about a lack of NPCs in the game, adding in survivors and two factions, the raiders and the settlers.

The update will also give players a new bundle to purchase, filled with cosmetics and C.A.M.P items.

Who’s…excited? (I don’t know if that’s the right word)

I’m just eager to see the Steam reviews.

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