Here’s a feel-good story! AbleGamers creates a device that lets gamers play via their wheelchair controls

It’s easy for us all to get a bit bogged down in the doom and gloom around gaming, but sometimes there’s something out there that really shows the positive ways that games and gamers work together to help one another.

Rocket League/ Psyonix

Reported on here in a brilliant article by Gabe Gurwin for for Digital Trends, it looks like disabled gamers might be able to play like never before in the near future, with the charity, Able Gamers creating a device known as the “Freedom Wing Adapter”.

Allowing players to take control of their character or car with the wheelchair itself, the new device can be created for around $30-$35 dollars and the assembly has been kept as simple as possible to enable as many people as needed to print and create the device.

It’s great to see such a positive step in the industry and you can keep up with all the fantastic work that’s undertaken by Able Gamers here.

What a great, feel-good story!

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