Stadia responds to complaints – mysteriously absent from recent Activision Blizzard deal

It looks like Google doesn’t really understand the fan frustration with the product, with a spokesperson for the company continuing to push the new “exclusive content coming” line, rather than giving any kind of specific dates or times for any new releases.

Having been recently criticised for a lack of games or announcements in 40 days, Google Stadia has announced two games for Stadia Pro subscribers since the news was broken, Metro: Exodus and Gylt, but is this enough to cause many consumers to renew their subscriptions?

Metro: Exodus/ 4A Games

In a great interview in GamesIndustry.Biz that you can read here, a spokesperson for the company said that the team had been eager to share more information but that it also comes down to “planned promotions or events, title readiness, proximity to first playable demo” and more.

The platform seems to potentially be slowing down in regard to it’s own predictions as well, with a recent deal with Activision Blizzard not mentioning the console or any kind of exclusivity deal for any future games.

The deal sees all of Activision Blizzards future Esports streams becoming exclusive to YouTube, but there was no mention of any kind of deal in regard to games for Stadia, potentially showing that Google is less than eager to try and negotiate deals for the platform.

Personally, I think the company really needs to stop trying to think about their future promotions and instead moves to try and combat the growing dissatisfaction felt by the community.

What do you think about Stadia?

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