News about Super Nintendo World, dedicated Nintendo stores, DLC plans and more!

So we’ve just gotten a bit more information about Nintendo’s plans in the future, with the corporate management policy briefing now from Shuntaro Furukawa, the President of Nintendo, now available to view online

Nintendo Switch/ Nintendo

Seen here, the slides suggest that Nintendo has some pretty big plans for the future, with the company not only mentioning the success their own, directly-managed store in Tokyo, but also suggesting they have plans to open new stores in “additional locations both inside and outside of Japan”.

Furukawa always spoke on the upcoming Super Nintendo World that’s currently under construction in Universal Studios Japan, suggesting that visitors will have a wide range of Nintendo-themed activities to look forward to, such as hitting “a real-life question box” and riding on “Yoshi-themed rides”.

One of the most exciting aspects of the park seems to be the idea of the “Power Up Bands” which will enable visitors to engage with “interactive experiences” both in Japan but also Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore.

The company also spoke on their eagerness to continue to support products after launch, moving to support more titles with DLC in future.

It looks like an exciting year for Nintendo, but what are you most excited to see?

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