So who’s excited for Torchlight 3?

The wait is finally over and we can see a bit more about Torchlight 3, the latest title in the role-playing dungeon-crawler series.

Named Torchlight Frontiers initially, Torchlight 3 was announced via a video earlier this week that you can watch below.

The Torchlight III announcement video

It’s great to see that Max Schaefer is eager to relax and reassure fans, saying that the game is now a premium model, meaning that “you get the entire game, all of the content, from day one” and also that the title will be “a Steam game” removing the fears that some had around the Epic Game Store and also the idea of microtransactions.

Torchlight III/ Perfect World Entertainment

With the gameplay looking pretty snazzy and the company behind the title, Perfect World Entertainment, doing regular Friday streams to show more on the lead-up to release, it looks like a pretty interesting and fun title to get hyped about!

Are you excited for Torchlight 3?

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