Stadia goes 40 days without a new game announcement or release…it’s been out 69 days.

So it looks like Stadia is struggling to maintain its current customers, with a brilliant post on Reddit by Gizoogle highlighting the fact that Google is continuing to ignore consumers and maintain radio silence.

Speaking on the issue in the post, Gizoogle speaks about the fact that the company is still yet to enable and intergrate features that were said to be part of the Stadia experience, including 4K resolution, wireless controller functionality and family sharing.

They also shine a spotlight on a pretty damning fact, that Stadia has been out now for 69 days, but has now gone for 40 without a game announcement.

It’s a shame to see customers treated so badly, but it’s vital to highlight to show companies just how vital it is to keep to your word and maintain a good relationship with your clients.

The post was pinned by a community manager who said that they “understand where” the anger was coming from, but they too had no “product updates to share” which didn’t really inspire confidence.

Speaking on the status, one Reddit user explained that the rate of game releases and information given to the community “doesn’t line up compared to the rest of the industry”, with Google instead refusing to comment on their future plans.

Another user also echoed this frustration, saying that they “appreciate the message” but also that it seems “incredibly hollow”, showing that many are past the point of similarly being placated by promises.

What makes the situation a dire one for the company is that currently, many of the customers on the platform signed up at launch, meaning that their three-month subscription is soon due for renewal.

With the platform supposedly struggling to get new customers and Xcloud just on the horizon, is this the death of Stadia?

It’s a shame for the customers who were promised so much but given so little.

What do you think about the situation?

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