DOOM Eternal difficulty settings means everyone is challenged

It looks like DOOM Eternal is going to handle difficulty a little bit differently, with the game’s difficulty settings actually affecting the ways in which enemies react and attack, rather than simply raising their health and damage output.

Speaking on the difficulty curve in an interview for Gamespot, Hugo Martin, the game director, suggested that the way in which difficulty affects the resource management and attack patterns of enemies.

Doom: Eternal/ ID Software/ Bethesda

Martin suggested the game would push players to really think about “managing your resources” and that on harder difficulties, enemies would attack with far more devastating tactics, utilising “haymakers nonstop” to punish the player for mistakes with far more severity.

Martin is confident this will mean that “all players, skilled and unskilled, play Doom the right way” suggesting that everyone will experience the fast paced and frantic action without too much frustration.

Having played the game at Quakecon myself a few months back, I personally can’t wait to jump into Hell and get started!

Are you hyped for DOOM Eternal?

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