Stardew Valley sells over 10 million copies – more proof that passion can beat budget

It looks like great news for aspiring indie developers, with Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley announcing that the title has now sold over ten million copies.

Working on the game in his spare time as a way of improving his programming and design skills, Barone created the Harvest Moon-inspired title in his apartment as a way of embracing his passion and avoiding a boring nine-to-five job.

Speaking to Vulture back in 2016, Barone was sad that the Harvest Moon series had “lost tough with that magic that made the first few titles special” and had wanted to capture the same feeling of joy and relaxation that the series had moved away from.

It’s an inspiring story, joining titles like Undertale in proving that gamers will reward passion and good design over large-scale budgets and high-value CGI.

Announcing the success of the title in a tweet yesterday, Barone thanked the fans for their continuing support.

It’s a great story for any enthusiastic developers out there, proving that you can achieve great things if you’re developing a title based on what you love, rather than on what supposedly sells.

Are you a fan of Stardew Valley?

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