Nintendo wins legal case to not allow cancellation of preorders

It’s a shame to see a negative story around Nintendo, especially considering the pro-consumer practices the company has been demonstrating recently, but now it looks like we’ve got something to be concerned about.

Pokemon Sword and Shield/ Game Freak / Nintendo

Having been challenged in Germany and Norway due to it’s decision to not allow refunds or cancellations on preorders, the company has now won a legal battle to continue this practice, meaning that Nintendo doesn’t have to worry about any form of refund once a game is preordered.

Initially covered here by Pressfire, the case has been in contention for two years now, but it looks like Nintendo has come up on top, with the lawsuit now dismissed by the Frankfurt Regional Court and the German Consumer Ombudsman ordered to pay back the costs.

Despite this, the Ombudsman has appealed the case, so it may go further, however, it’s a dangerous situation to see the law siding with a company’s ability to not have to refund a customer.

What do you think about the decision?

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