Sonic does…something odd?

I think it’s safe to say we all remember the hilarious horror show that was the Sonic 25th Anniversary Show back in 2016.

Sonic Mania/ Sega

It didn’t go quite like Sega planned, with the show having a mixture of hilarious problems and issues, with the majority summarised in a comical video from Jim Sterling you can watch here (honestly, I’d recommend watching it again if you need a laugh this week).

One of the main issues was that the company was eager to place Sonic on a pedestal for his 25th anniversary, pushing the character when there was actually little to announce, apart from a new title in the series.

Well, it looks like Sega didn’t learn it’s lesson, with the company now announcing they will give out Sonic-related updates on the 20th of….every month.

Apparently planning to host a few Sonic-related events over the course of 2020 to build hype for the characters 30th anniversary in 2021, Sega will also give regular updates on the character via its new “Sonic Channel” which you can check out here.

It’s an odd choice, but will it be a success or is this just a marketing campaign based purely on the fact that 2020 has two zeros that ‘look a bit like rings’.

Sonic 2020

Personally, I know the campaign is harmless, but after having seen the lack of planning in previous events hosted by the company, could this just end up damaging the brand even further?

What do you think about Sonic 2020.

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