Could Splinter Cell Return? – Creative Director rejoins Ubisoft

With Maxime Beland returning to Ubisoft after several months at Epic games, could we be seeing a new Splinter Cell in the future?

Sam Fisher appears in Ghost Recon: Wildlands/ Ubisoft

Having helped the company as a lead designer and creative director in the past, Beland has seen his fair share of success stories working on both Splinter Cell: Conviction and Blacklist as well as Rainbow Six: Vegas, but now the veteran has returned to the company as the vice president of the editorial team, steering the company in regard to future titles.

With the news breaking recently that Ubisoft was eager to vary its roster of titles after the failure of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the editorial team has been recently revamped to steer the future releases by the company in order to ensure a wide variety of different games and titles.

With Beland now at the helm, could we see a return to some of the classic titles we’ve all known and loved in the past, like Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six: Vegas?

What Ubisoft title would you like to see return to the front-lines?

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