Pokemon Sword and Shield is still 1st in sales after nine weeks…and the comments are hilarious

It looks like Pokemon Sword and Shield is doing well in Japan, with website Pokemon Matome reporting on the fact that the game has now been in 1st in sales for over nine weeks, a pretty impressive achievement for the title.

Pokemon Sword and Shield/ Game Freak/ Nintendo

Despite it’s sales numbers, the latest additions to the Pokemon franchise have invited criticism for a mixture of what many would consider bad business practises, such as cutting Pokemon from the initial release to then offer them as downloadable content, something made worse when you consider the initial excuse offered by Game Freak for the lack of a complete roster.

It shows that fans are still clamouring for the Pokemon experience, but personally, I think some of the comments really are the stars of this story.

“No, this is serious”, suggests one fan, whilst another merely states that “it’s too dangerous”.

…Don’t get me wrong, it is a case of a mis-translation by Google Chrome, but I do think both really highlight how people should feel about the lack of Pokemon and paid for DLC becoming the future for the franchise!

Are you a Sword and Shield fan?

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