The rumours are untrue – Left 4 Dead 3 isn’t on the way

We’ve seen a number of rumours recently that a new Left 4 Dead title is in the works, but unfortunately, it looks like the stories are untrue, with Valve denying the idea that any kind of development is currently underway for a new title in the co-op zombie series.

Left 4 Dead/ Valve

Apparently providing a statement for IGN, the publisher and developer has labelled the rumours as “misinformation” instead suggesting that despite some options being explored a few years ago, none were officially chosen and none have gone any further.

With the last title in the series having released back in 2009, we’ve had over a decade without a sequel, meaning many are starting to lose hope that we’ll ever really see the company return to the series.

It’s a shame to see the developer leaving yet another series to gather dust by the wayside, but will the release of VR title, Half-Life: Alyx be the rallying cry needed to draw the company back into the world of producing their own games?

I hope so!

Would you be interested in a new Left 4 Dead?

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