Ever wondered about the spooky sounds in films and games?

If you’re like me, you’ve been freaked out and unnerved by the soundscapes in atmospheric games and films quite a few times, but how are they made?

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice/ Ninja Theory

Meet the Nightmare Machine, a spooky construction filled with all of the tools you need to make some truly horrific sounds and effects.

Check out the video here

First uploaded onto YouTube by Great Big Story in 2017, but shared again recently on Reddit by user cciva, the video explores the creation of the eerie machine by composer Mark Korven and guitar maker Tony Duggan-Smith, showing the lengths to which musicians will go to capture an authentic sound for a film.

Although unique in construction, it’s a great look behind the curtain at the ways in which different objects can be used to create the atmospheric sounds that get the hairs to stand up on the backs of our necks.

You’ll never look at a ruler the same way again!

Which sounds do you think are the creepiest and what games unnerve you the most?

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