Sony shows off PSVR sales figures at CES 2020, also reveals PS5 logo…You’re not going to be surprised

Despite many having reservations about the technology and application of VR, it looks like the hardware is doing well, with the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, revealing that the PlayStation VR headset has now sold over 5 million units.

With the new PlayStation 5 supporting the existing VR headsets available for the PS4, it looks like the headset is becoming a better investment as time goes on, with plans in place to create more games for the hardware in the next generation.

Ryan also took time to speak on several other sales figures at the event, including the fact that 106 million consoles had now sold, with around 103 million users now active on a monthly basis.

But don’t forget, we also got to see the PlayStation 5 logo…so brace yourself!

Yep, it’s kind of what we expected.

Are you excited for the PS5?

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