The Lucasfilm/Fallout crossover that may have been

If you’re interested in seeing what’s currently going on in an alternate dimension right now, check out this tweet by Brian Fargo, the head of InXile entertainment and one of the founders of Interplay Entertainment, the studio behind the Baldur’s Gate and the initial Fallout games back in the 90’s.

According to the tweet, it looks like we were very close to seeing a very different future, with George Lucas eager to merge Interplay and Lucasfilm Games, which means we might have even seen a Fallout-style Star Wars title!

Fallout/ Interplay Entertainment

Having created a wide range of titles adored by fans, Interplay eventually found itself absolved into Titus Software and unfortunately saddled with a huge amount of debt.

With that being said, it looks like the future might still have a few surprises left for us, with a wide number of Interplay’s old IPs and video game assets supposedly sold in 2016.

Still, it’s interesting to see the future that could have been!

What series would you like to see brought back from the vaults of time?

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