Untitled Goose Game surpasses one million copies sold

It’s official, the evil goose has succeeded in its quest for world domination, with the title from House House surpassing one million copies sold this month, just three months after launch.

Untitled Goose Game/ House House

The game, which sees players take control of a particularly chaotic goose, has succeeded in capturing the hearts of players, even going on to inspire a wide range of memes across various sites and media platforms.

Announcing the recent sales success, Cabel (who works at Panic and published Untitled Goose Game) said in a recent tweet that they were blown away by the success of the title, with the team still thinking of the news as something that “seems impossible”.

With the title now available on even more platforms than before and soon joining the line-up on the Xbox Game Pass, it looks like the sky’s the limit for this particular goose!

If you’ve not already tried the game, why not head over and give it a gander?

…I’m sorry, but that had to be done!

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