A remake of Demon Souls, Legend of Dragoon or MGS on the cards?

We might be in for one more Christmas treat this year, with developer Bluepoint Games hinting at a new, upcoming announcement.

Known for their work on the remastered versions of God of War, Shadow of the Colossus and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, many are speculating as to what the next title could be.

With the company’s history of creating very high-profile titles in the past, we could be seeing something interesting over the next few days.

Announced via the tweet here, fans have picked up on words such as “stealthily wrapped boxes” and “exclaimed at the sight”, arguing that this could be a potential MGS remake, something we’ve all been hoping for.

At the same time, others have speculated that the “visions of heroes” could represent Demon Souls or the Legend of Dragoon series making a comeback.

Personally, I’ll be watching to see the announcement over the next few days!

What do you want to see remastered from the past?

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