Fallout 76 hackers steal hundreds of people’s full inventories…Bethesda says it affected “a few players”

Uh oh, here we go again!

We’ve seen a few Fallout-related issues in the last few weeks, including players finding a way to spawn in entire assets from previous titles, but now it looks like Fallout 76 may actually have had the final nail put into its coffin.

A new PC exploit has seen players lose their entire inventories, with hackers able to steal every item (including those purchased with real-world currency) directly from multiple players inventories.

With a new video surfacing online that shows an unnamed hacker stealing over 500 people’s items, it looks like players are no longer safe on the public servers, causing many to call for the company to shut down the service until the problem is resolved.

Bethesda has recently responded and fixed the issue, but it’s hardly an apology, instead seemingly dismissing the issue as having been something that has just affected “a small number of characters”.

What makes the matter more distressing is that the company has been warned multiple times of the issues the game could face, dismissing concerned fans on several occasions.

With the issue destroying the hard work of hundreds of players and the company merely pretending that it was a small incident, it does make you ask whether this will be the last straw for those hoping that Bethesda will step up and fix the title or take any responsibility for the issues seen thus far.

I actually tried the game myself not too long ago, so check out my video below for my thoughts.

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