So we’ve had time to absorb the news…let’s talk about the new WoW races

It’s been a while since the news of new Allied races was broken by Blizzard here, but it’s been oddly quiet in regards to the usual noise we’d all hear when it comes to a new addition in the World of Warcraft universe, so let’s inflame the discussion a bit!

World of Warcraft/ Activision Blizzard

Coming in the next update for the game, the two new allied races, the steampunk-style Mechagnomes and the fox-like Vulpera seem to have some interesting new abilities, with the Vulpera able to utilise a bag of tricks to damage an enemy or heal and ally, whilst the Mechagnomes are able to automatically heal when their health drops to a certain level.

Both look like fun additions to the game, but at the same time, many have requested far more drastically different races in the past, such as Merlocs and Ethereals.

With this in mind, what would you want to see as a playable race from any fantasy universe?

What show, book or film do you think deserves the game treatment?

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