BBC video delves into Star Citizen

We’ve all heard the stories around Star Citizen, the crowdfunded game that still not fully released after having begin development in 2011.

Whilst some see the title as an interesting and unique premise that is slowly growing into something different, others hail the title as a scam, encouraging backers to spend more and more on the title, despite no real release date in sight.

Star Citizen/ Cloud Imperium Games

Now the BBC has taken a bit of a deep dive into the product, conducting several interviews with many of those working on the project, including the CEO of Cloud Games, Chris Roberts.

Speaking to the BBC, Roberts said that the game had “at least as much” as any other game, but were taking their time due to the fact that they’re trying to accomplish a “huge thing”.

With the title initially slated for a 2014 release date, it’s safe to say that we’re still a way off of a completed product, but does the current amount of content provided justify the costs involved and backing costs so far?

Roberts also addressed the criticisms in the latest video, saying it was easy for many to be “armchair developers” and likening the game to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 and its 6 to 7 year development cycle.

Although Roberts may have a point in this regard, it’s also important to remember that Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn’t a community-backed project, with the studio funding the title completely and only asking for payment for the finished product upon release.

Red Dead Redemption 2/ Rockstar Games

It’s a controversial discussion, especially when you look at cases such as Ken Lord, who backed the game back in 2012 with a donation of $4,495, assuming that he’d see the title two years later.

This then became a problem when the game missed its release date, as Lord now suffers from multiple sclerosis, meaning that he may never be able to play the title he’s pledged so much towards.

A legal situation occurred (which you can read more about in Vice here) but needless to say, it shows that these kind of problematic launch issues do have their victims.

Having recently hit a total of $250 million in donations, the title is continuing to grow, but we’re still yet to see a real release date for a full game.

With so much mixed press on the title and process so far and gamers split about the controversial game, what do you think about Star Citizen?

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