Capcom renews multiple game trademarks…including Dino Crisis!

It looks like Capcom is embracing the success achieved with Resident Evil 2 Remake, with the publisher renewing multiple trademarked titles on the 17th of December.

Resident Evil 2 Remake/ Capcom

Initially found by Twitter user Nibel and reported on here by Daniel for Gameonze, a huge number of games could potentially be over the horizon, including the much requested Dino Crisis series.

Since the announcement of the Resident Evil Remakes, fans have been eager to see the company address the dinosaur-horror game, but we’re yet to hear any news about the series from Capcom

Other trademarked titles that have been renewed include Bionic Commando, Breath of Fire and Vampire, which means that new games in the series could be something we may see over the next few years

Check out the full list here.

What are you excited to see?

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