Tons of new Dungeons & Dragons games are coming?!

It looks like we’re going to be in for a treat, with around “seven or eight” different Dungeons and Dragons titles on the way.

Speaking to Haydn Taylor for, the Wizards of the Coast President, Chris Cocks said that the new titles would all have their own “point of view”, aiming to do different things well, rather than “everything all at once”.

Dark Alliance/ Tuque Games/ Wizards of the Coast

It’s an exciting prospect, as many gamers would be eager to see gameplay and storytelling similar to the likes of Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter resurface in a modern-day title.

The revelation comes on the back of a recent game reveal at The Game Awards for the new Dark Alliance title, which has met with mixed feedback due to the strange and surreal way in which it was presented.

You can check out the trailer, hosted by IGN here, but prepare yourself for some severe motion sickness!

Personally, I’m excited to see such a huge investment in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise and look forward to seeing a few more games experimenting with the universe.

Are you excited for more Dungeons and Dragons?

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