New Xbox will have double the power of Xbox One X

It’s safe to say that many were surprised that Microsoft revealed their latest console during The Game Awards rather than at, for example, E3 or an Xbox-themed event, but the new Xbox is now in the public eye, meaning we can finally hear some information about the upcoming console.

Speaking on the power of the console to Gamespot here, Phil Spencer, the Executive Vice-President of Gaming at Microsoft, said that the new Xbox would be “two times what an Xbox One X is”.

Spencer also told them a little bit about the internal specs in the console, which seem to be pretty impressive and include an AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU and a AMD Navi-based GPU.

Spencer also suggests in the interview that the goal of Microsoft isn’t just to achieve a system that can allow for high graphical fidelity, but did say that the company strives to create “the most powerful console we can”.

With the new Xbox Series X out in the holidays in 2020, it’s now up to Sony to show us what they can do.

One thing’s for sure though…these names are getting confusing!

What do you think about the announcement of the new Xbox?

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