Batman Shadows Edition announced and then removed

It looks like we could be in for some new Batman content, with an article by Sal Romano for Gematsu suggesting that content for the Telltale Batman series was announced via a press release and then removed by Athlon Games.

Speaking in the now-deleted press release, Telltale CEO James Ottilie apparently spoke of the content as “just the beginning of a much more expansive plan” to breathe life into existing Telltale series.

Batman: The Telltale Series

Having shut down in 2018, Telltale was seen as a negative force in the industry, having mistreated staff, who were ran ragged from excessive crunch periods, before letting them go without even paying severance.

Now, with the company having been revived by LCG Entertainment and back to creating some interesting content, many will be watching closely to ensure that the negative behaviour of the past doesn’t continue with the revived studio.

It’s not confirmed as to why the recent Batman press release was deleted, but it does look like we’re going to get a Batman update soon.

Stay tuned!

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