Stadia drags its heels and withholds release details

Fans on the Stadia subreddit are a bit disappointed in Google’s currently communication policies, with the company unable to provide any form of update in regard to the release date of several games, including Borderlands 3.

Google Stadia

In a recent community update, Community Manager GraceFromGoogle simply said that the company “don’t have significant updates to share” leaving many a bit confused about the state of the platform.

It’s not a great look for the company, especially considering the way that many gamers are sceptical about the platform in general.

Personally, I hope that more information is provided to customers soon, but it’s a worrying sign that the company is unable to provide any kind of concrete release dates.

Stadia has already received criticism for the fact that titles are not currently what Google promised, with many titles that were said to be streamed at 4K resolution instead being upscaled to 4k, leading to a less-polished title when compared to console and PC.

What do you think about Google Stadia?

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