Bioshock returns via a new Studio

It looks like we’re all going to see a new Bioshock game in the future, with Cloud Chamber, a newly created studio, working hard to realise the next title in the series.

Speaking in an interview with GamesRadar here, the head of the studio, Kelley Gilmore (who has formerly worked on titles such as Civilization) suggested that the team was eager to get started, already having come up with a “myriad of ideas” about how the next game will progress.

Bioshock Infinite/ Bioshock Collection/ Irrational Games/ 2K

Initially created by Ken Levine and Irrational Games, the series has been adored by fans due to its innovative storytelling and beautifully crafted worlds that explore various philosophies whilst also providing brilliant gameplay experiences.

Gilmore was eager to stress the fact that the team was aware of the previous title’s strengths, suggesting that they were keen on utilising their “amazing storytellers” to continue the established trend.

It’s also interesting to remember that several members of the Irrational Games studio have joined the new developer, suggesting that we could be on to a winner.

Despite this, several fans are hesitant to buy into the hype, with many nervous that Levine has no hand in the project.

Regardless of this, it looks like something to watch in future!

Are you excited for a new Bioshock title?

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