Rocket League Prices Skyrocket

Initially met with praise in August when announced, the decision to remove loot boxes from Rocket League was seen as a positive move, but now it seems like developer Psyonix and new owner Epic Games has gone with something far more insidious.

Rocket League/ Psyonix/ Epic Games

Judging by the huge outcry on Reddit, the new update that has removed loot boxes and added high-priced microtransactions has really been a step backwards for players, who are now finding they have to spend extortionate amounts of money for the same kind of items they used to be able to earn for far less financial investment.

The latest patch changing the previous purchasable item, keys, into credits, has meant that players now may have to spend up to $50 in order to gain items that could have once potentially been available for far, far less.

This means that potentially, players could find that they would need to pay $100+ to gain the same items that would have once been in the single or double figure region

With fans on Reddit suggesting the company is now simply chasing financial gain due to the influence of Epic Games, it’s not exactly been great publicity for either company.

It’s a shame to see the much-loved title utilising a paywall in this egregious way, especially when you consider the number of younger players attracted to Rocket League and the die-hard fans that are also being affected.

You can find the full list of changes here.

What do you think about the change?

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