Star Citizen reaches $250 million in donations

If you’re into gaming, you’ve probably heard about Star Citizen, the infamous title with Chris Roberts at the helm that’s been chugging through funds without a release since around 2012.

Star Citizen/ Cloud Imperium Games

Set to be a large-scale space exploration simulator, the game was initially meant to launch around 2014, but instead has been in a development limbo, still siphoning funds from donations in order to add various different features and content.

Now the financial donations seem to have met a bit of a milestone, having hit the $250 million mark over the last few weeks.

We’ve still not got anything near a full game though and that’s still being defended by die-hard fans.

With a number of reports in the past highlighting gross misspending by the company, many players have paid for a number of different ‘in game features’ that are still yet to meet fruition.

Either way, it looks like the developer is still managing to convince people to donate large amounts of cash in order to fuel the project, with still no release date in sight.

Here’s a link to the latest gameplay trailer.

What do you think about Star Citizen?

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