Ghost Recon: Breakpoint sets to fix a huge number of errors

It looks like Breakpoint may be changing for the better over the next few months, with a consumer survey highlighting the issues and problems with the game, as well as the fixes currently underway.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint/ Ubisoft

Breakpoint was far from a smooth experience for many, (see my play-through of the beta here) with bugs, graphical issues, a poor gear score system and bad AI leading to a terrible reaction from both fans and critics alike.

However, it looks like we’re going to see a very different game in a few months, with Ubisoft openly stating they’re currently working to improve on all aspects of the game, including AI improvements, an overhaul to the broken gear system and even the addition of AI teammates.

(There’s a full list of the changes available here)

It’s great to see the company addressing these problems and actually sticking with the title for those that have bought it, but at the same time, it’s a shame we’re seeing so many titles release in such bad states, only to be fixed at a later day, when many fans and gamers have already been disappointed and moved on to new pastures.

What do you think about the changes?

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