Final Fantasy VII Remake seems to be shaping up nicely with some new images

It looks like we’re in for a treat with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, with new images shared here by really showing some impressive stuff.

The remake from Square Enix has divided fans due to its change of canonical events (with some new characters added) and different combat style, but looks to be making some great choices, including a classic combat mode for old-school players and a wide range of different nods to the iconic roots of the title.

Final Fantasy VII Remake/ Square Enix/ Sony

The images not only showcase some impressive combat and character models but also some new and interesting mechanics, including an upgrade system and the ability to play darts at Tifa’s bar.

With the game releasing as episodes and the first one scheduled to hit shelves in March, it looks like we might be in for something great!

Are you feeling hyped for Final Fantasy VII Remake?

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