WWE 2K20 patches some problems…also deletes your saves

The issues with the latest wrestling title, WWE 2K20, have been widely reported, with many users experiencing a wide range of awful (yet hilarious) bugs, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear that the latest patch has added a few more….

It probably is a surprise to many players that it’s deleting save data.

Seen here in a tweet from long-term WWE game coverage account @SmackNetwork, it looks like the latest patch from 2K seems to be corrupting save data and causing players to lose all their progress.

Released on the 22nd of October, WWE 2K20 has seen a huge backlash for the large number of bugs and issues that run rampant in the title, but it looks like this may be the final nail in the coffin for the latest WWE title, that many are now saying is far beyond help.

(If you’re looking to see a few of the most hilarious bugs, why not check out this great rundown video by Wrestlegamia.)

Maybe we can just start referring to the game as ‘broken’ WWE 2K20 and make it a gimmick?

I’m sure Matt Hardy won’t mind.

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