Google cancels a wide range of Stadia Preorders

It looks like Google isn’t handling the Stadia launch well, with a wide range of reports on Reddit suggesting that many have had their pre-orders mysteriously cancelled by the company.

Google Stadia

With Stadia launching on the 19th, fans who have pre-ordered the Founders Edition were eager to get their hands on the product, but many have instead reporting receiving emails today that suggest they may have broken the “Terms of Sale” or entered incorrect information when placing their orders.

Google Stadia, which will supposedly allow users to stream games at high resolution and frame rate, has been criticised for its lack of launch titles and also a lack of answers on various topics when asked in previous Reddit AMAs, with many sceptical that the product could function correctly due to internet download limits and service problems.

Now it looks like Google is going to be facing down some pretty angry fans, having already irked some of their most loyal consumers before the release of the product.

What do you think about Stadia?

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