Path of Exile comes to Mobiles

When you hear about a mobile title, it’s often hard to get excited, especially when we consider what we’ve seen in the past in regard to the platform (*cough* Diablo Immortal *cough*) but it looks like Grinding Gear Games may have managed to create something to get fans excited about the project.

Path of Exile Mobile/ Grinding Gear Games

Speaking on the title during the announcement trailer, Chris Wilson, The Co-founder and Managing Director at Grinding Gear Games, threw some shade at Blizzard, saying that were committed to creating a Path of Exile expedience, working on it themselves rather than just choosing to “farm it out”, something that Blizzard was heavily criticised when they announced the aforementioned Diablo Immortal.

Wilson also goes on to speak about the game itself, suggesting that although the maps are shorter to suit the need of mobile players, the game retains “all of the deep systems that Path of Exile players expect.”

With it’s wide range of build choices and a studio dedicated to creating a truly great port of the PC title, is Path of Exile going to revolutionise mobile gaming?

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