XO19 shows of a wide range of great announcements for Xbox, including old PlayStation exclusives

At first glance, it looks like Xbox really knocked it out of the park with the XO19 showcase, with a wide range of new titles and reveals showing off a bright future for Microsoft, but fans are dismayed at a lack of new AAA announcements during the event.

You can watch the full show here.

Final Fantasy was unveiled as a title appearing on the system and pass in future/ Square Enix/ Microsoft

Alongside announcements such as Yakuza and Kingdom Hearts (initially PlayStation exclusives) appearing on Xbox, we also saw the likes of the Final Fantasy series and more coming to the Xbox Game Pass in future.

We also got a chance to see a huge library of smaller indie titles that will be immediately available via the Xbox Game Pass at launch, meaning that there will be even more for subscribers to get their teeth into.

This news, coupled with the announcement of Halo:Reach appearing on PCs and a wealth of upcoming titles, looks to have made OX19 a real hit.

Although we did see a wide range of ports and indie titles, some fans have criticised the event for having shown very few gritty or large-scale AAA announcements, with XO19 instead taking time to showcase more cell-shaded and cartoonish indie games.

The stream appears to have had a mixed reception, going by the like to dislike ratio.

Despite this, it looks like Xbox owners and Game Pass subscribers really have something to celebrate over the next few months!

What did you think of the XO19 showcase?

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