Game Freak is making some…odd choices with Sword and Shield

It looks like Game Freak is making some odd choices with the new Pokemon Sword and Shield titles, not only in the way they have linked frame-rate to game speed, but also in the way they’ve supposedly locked menu items in dialogues with easily missed NPCs.

Pokemon Sword and Shield/ Game Freak/ Nintendo

First shown by @thatdude433 and available here, it looks like the developer has hidden the sound options for the games within a dialogue with an avoidable NPC at the start of the game.

It’s understandable that these options could be utilised in the game in an immersive way, but it’s starting to make many wonder just why the company is continuing to make such strange and baffling choices that are just making more work necessary.

This, alongside recent criticism levied against Game Freak for what looks like poor graphical settings, is understandably making consumers uneasy about the upcoming titles.

What do you think about the upcoming Pokemon games?

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